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In Search for Meaning (2020)_Felisa Tan_


Felisa Tan (b. 1993–) is a self-taught artist-photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Beginning with making photographs at home and posting them regularly on DeviantArt in 2007, photography has become a language she chooses to express her love for life. Having been exposed to extensive travels to over 50 countries since a tender age, she has developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, and created a record of the way she experiences the world as she undergoes a continuous process of evolution, both as an artist and a human being.


Honouring beauty as it is, she aims to keep her work as accurate as possible to her real-life encounters. The breadth of her subjects is a reflection of her sensitivity to perceive beauty, even in the most ordinary places. Through her work, she hopes to inspire her audience to pause and cherish the myriad blessings that might otherwise be left unnoticed in a world of noise.

Feel free to reach out for Art Enquiries, Collaborations, and Prints.


Jakarta, Indonesia

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