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Sculpture by the Sea
Cottesloe, Western Australia 2015

Every year, over 70 local, interstate and international artists transform Perth's most popular beach into a surreal visual landscape, provoking curiosity, imagination, and observation. Sculpture by the Sea is the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world. With some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, these sculptures, overlooking the Indian Ocean, remind the audience once more of the children inside every one of us and the magic of human ingenuity.

Sculpture by the Sea is definitely one of my favourite things about Perth. I always go there twice at minimum per event - once for skimming through and one simply to immerse myself enjoying my favourite pieces. I could spend an hours just staring at an artwork, analysing it, taking photographs of it, taking in every detail perceivable! I usually stay from afternoon before and after the sunset, so I can have a look on the sculptures in three atmospheres: when the sky is still bright and blue, during the sunset (which is always of different gradients everyday in Western Australia...each unique and beautiful in its own way), and early nighttime when the sky is dark blue with some hints of the twilight.

Time and time again, even though I have lived for more than two decades on Earth, standing amidst beautiful artworks never fails to amaze me by the realisation that human beings make art. We are indeed highly complex intelligent beings, equipped with intellect and emotions we desperately need to express... Also, the sense of community that comes from the enthusiastic crowd of people from all backgrounds, ages and genders to witness art is always a deeply moving experience to be part of. 

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