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Life is the Road, 2015

Written by Felisa Tan,

20 October 2022

Life is the Road (2015) by Felisa Tan.jpg

Every moment contains infinite potential, and every choice we make takes us somewhere. What is this somewhere that we want to go to, and why? Is it for self-glorification or is it for something bigger? Without resolute and genuine vision of the why, we would be easily swayed by the winds—both outside, and most of all, inside. As most of us know, deciding our why is an act that cannot be carried out by sheer will alone, but beyond everything else, it requires a tremendous amount of resolute courage to dream and embrace the unknown.

Fear arises out of the resistance to accept that our desired circumstance may not manifest the way we want it to. Nevertheless, uncertainty is the only certainty there is. Grasping onto a fantasized horizon as a destination is a task that is built upon the shaky ground of the Ego, and it is predestined to disappoint, for our intention is not the only force at play in the Universe. As we unclench our fists and let the laws of nature reign, trust grows in the groundlessness of the mind, as it is freed from the enslavement of doubt.


Though the road may not always be wide, open, and smooth, it might be long & winding, and with a variegated terrain, a heart that is as open as the sky will have the capacity to embrace whatever comes along the path, let go and let be, ready to welcome the boundlessness of possibilities. After all, there is no horizon as an end; only a continuous process of interconnectedness and interdependency of unquantifiable conditions.

Nobody knows what lies beyond and what lurks beneath, but as the present moment keeps rolling, onwards is the only way to go. Let us move through life wide awake, with purpose and intention.


If we know the why, the how will come along.

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