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Twilight, Bridges and

Other In-Betweens

Como Jetty, Western Australia 2013

Despite their illusional nature, sunset and sunrise never fail to provide a magical quality to the day. One only has one golden hour composed of sixty diamond minutes to enjoy its ethereal beauty before life resumes again; it is a transitional space between day and night, light and dark, head and heart. Likewise with bridges - they are a place of transition between one point to another. Yet for some of us, it seems that life is a perpetual twilight - a bridge with no end. Rather than crossing the bridge and walking on, we choose to stay in this subtle unnamed space between reality and dream, past and present.

A couple of special photographs in this short series are those of the silhouettes. Silhouette of Lovers is a photograph of a steel sculpture by Danuta Szole and Jason Hirst (2008), which depicts how life was in Como Jetty back in the olden days. The next photograph Silhouette of a Boy, which portrays a silhouette of a real human is presented to further demonstrate the universal human sentiment of nostalgia. Just like our own shadow, which is essentially part of our physical existence, yet one we can't ever reach or touch; the silhouette here is a symbol of a history not so far away, yet no longer here - and no matter how near it feels, you know you can never go back.

The past is indeed a reality of its own, but that in which we no longer reside in. Therefore, it is useful to constantly remind ourselves to appreciate and live in the Now, but with respect for those fleeting moments you hold dear in your heart. Yet still, once in a while, you cannot escape from the pull of those rays of gold that blinded your eyes on that warm summer afternoon. In that case...

"Ever drifting down the stream-

Lingering in the golden gleam-

Life, what is it but a dream?"

-Lewis Carroll-

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